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The Bazeley Partnership are now are a fully qualified and certified to undertake SAP calculations and produce EPCs for all new and existing dwellings. With this expertise in house we can be one step ahead when designing with a consideration towards achieving and surpassing the ever increasing targets for energy performance. With the capability of SAP during the design process we can also avoid costly and time consuming changes to dwelling designs at the building regulations stages of your home.

SAP calculations are mandatory under the Building Regulations for all newly built dwellings in the UK, and are often a requirement for conversions and some large extensions to existing dwellings. In order to comply with the current Building Regulations home builders have to achieve as a minimum a ‘pass’ on their SAP calculations.

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the only government regulated methodology for the calculation of the energy use and environmental performance of domestic dwellings. The rating produced by the SAP will determine the predicted fuel costs and level of carbon dioxide emissions based on assumptions on the way we use our homes. For further information on SAP please visit:

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) conveys the information produced by the SAP procedure and shows how efficiently a dwelling uses energy, the cost to run the property and recommendations on improving the energy efficiency. It then grades the performance from A-G, similar to the stickers you often find on appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. An EPC must be produced for all new dwellings, and whenever a house is put up for sale or rent, and can only be produced by an accredited assessor. For further information on EPC please visit:

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