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Bott Ltd External view 1 - The Bazeley Parnership

Planning consent received to accommodate a New Digital Marketing Department and Multi-Use Spaces for Bott Ltd in Bude

The Bott Ltd site in Bude, Cornwall, is extending its premises to accommodate ever-growing company demands. For us, the opportunity to revisit a previous project is fantastic. Generally seen more often with commercial properties, being a part of their evolution is a pleasure.

We’ve recently received planning consent for an extension to the administration department having previously developed their site in 2007. Bott Ltd has resided in Bude since 1980, serving as the leading international manufacturer of vehicle equipment, workshop equipment and workstation systems. Providing extensive employment opportunities within the local area, and growing year on year, the business and consequently the Cornish site within Stratton Business Park, is evolving.

Bott Ltd Bude - The Bazeley Partnership
Proposal Granted for Bott Ltd

An extension totalling 176m2 over two storeys, inclusive of link bridges, has been granted for the use of a new digital marketing suite as well as multi-use spaces for employees. The results of which will alleviate working constraints and provide a functional meeting hub to facilitate future staff activities.

The extra footprint of 12m x 8m at ground level, as can be seen from the below image, will function as a flexible, multi-use space for presentations, seminars, team building activities and the like. A space that will no doubt be greatly appreciated by all team members.

Bott Ltd External view 1 - The Bazeley Parnership

The digital marketing department has grown, as is the trend for such marketing activities. Consequently, the need for an additional team has become apparent. The first floor of the new addition to Bott Ltd, therefore, will serve their activities.

The 2-storey extension will co-exist with the current building infrastructure through adjoining bridges. These bridges allow for direct access between departments and company spaces. One links both digital marketing teams to each other for ease of communication and co-working. The second bridge allows for direct access from and to the administration department, as well as disabled access thanks to a lift located within the existing building.

Design Aesthetics

The design needed to complement the existing building, as is generally the case with extensions; the aesthetic likeness was an important factor. This was achieved through careful consideration of its rectilinear form as well as the detailing, ordering, modules of size and use of similar materials.

The approach to Bott Ltd maintains a pleasant one with generous open spaces surrounding the site. The low maintenance landscaping features hedgerows, low-level planting and gravel pathways indicating various spaces and entrances.

The design incorporates environmentally responsive forms through its elevations, as is visible from the below image. They express greater transparency for display, light, ventilation and view. Floor to ceiling windows at ground level allow for extensive natural lighting, airing and a pleasant outlook for team members utilising the space. The additional use of windows upstairs replicates these features for those within the new digital marketing department. A pleasant working environment for all involved.

Bott Ltd Bude external view 2 - The Bazeley Partnership

We believe the finished article will be warmly received by all. The main considerations for this proposal being alleviating working constraints, access, means of escape for employees and circulation space. All whilst seamlessly blending with existing buildings,

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Aerial View

Bott Ltd Bude Planning proposal 1 -The Bazeley Partnership



Elevations for the extended Bott Ltd site

Bott Ltd Bude Planning Proposal 2 - The Bazeley Partnership

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