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Whether you are building a new home or altering your existing home, our Cornwall Architects can guide you through and demystify the challenging process of architectural design and construction. As RIBA Chartered Architects, we can do more than simply provide drawings; we can manage the process, provide you with value for money by helping you to keep on track with your budget and timescales, imaginatively interpret your brief and bring you peace of mind with our professionalism and integrity.

We are professional problem-solvers with experience and insight that can help you stretch what can be achieved, making the best of space, light, views and your budget while maximising the energy efficiency of your home.

We believe that good architecture needs collaboration and dialogue from the outset.  By choosing to work with us, you can be confident that we will follow your brief closely to achieve your aspirations without imposing our own tastes and ideas on your project.

Read on to explore the Architectural Design Services we provide in accordance with the RIBA Plan of Work. You can use the tabs below to find out more about how we can work with you on the different stages of your project.

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Architectural Design Stages

1 - Feasibility Study

The Bazeley Partnership offer a FREE initial consultation to all prospective clients that may take place at our Cornwall offices to discuss your initial ideas and potential approaches for developing your project so that we may provide you with some initial fee and project advice. If we are appointed as your Architects, we will carry out the following stages, according to the needs of the project and your brief. The following is indicative; each project will require variations on the services detailed and it may not be necessary to fulfill all stages.

In Stage One, we would provide the following services:

  • Meet with you to discuss your project and carry out an initial appraisal of your needs and wishes
  • Help you to establish your project brief and budget
  • Advise you and assist you in obtaining other specialist advice that may be necessary for your project, including any surveys or reports that may be needed such as a Bat and Barn Owl Survey, Party Wall Survey or Tree Survey.
  • Carry out a measured survey of the site and existing buildings, where necessary.
  • Investigate and advise on existing building condition, including listed and historic buildings.
2 - Concept Design


Stage 2 is the beginning of the design and development of an architectural project and involves the provision of some or all of the following services:

  • Preparation of preliminary concept sketches and exploration of options for the design of the home or business
  • Development of strategies for the  structural design of the building and building services, including ventilation and energy systems
  • Provision of budget costing information
  • Client meetings to develop and finalise your preferred concept
  • Advice and information on making your building energy efficient
  • Communications and negotiations with the local Planning Authority on your behalf through early dialogue in order to develop the best chance for planning approval
  • Advice on any Party Wall obligations
3 - Developed Design


Stage 3 takes the project from concept to developed design and the submission of the planning application. This could involve providing some or all of the following services:

  • Development of the concept design, including co-ordinating input and reports from other Consultants
  • Advice on the most suitable construction method(s) for your project
  • Preparation of the drawings and supporting information needed for a planning application
  • Submission of the planning application and liaison with the planning authority
  • Advice on the planning authority’s decision and how to meet any conditions of planning approval

The Bazeley Partnership has specialist Conservation Architects and is able to assist with Applications for Listed Building Consent, as well as Pre-Applications and other types of planning applications.


4 - Technical Design


Stage 4 takes the project from receipt of planning approval, through to the submission of a Building Regulations application the preparation of all technical drawings and materials for tender. This could involve providing some or all of the following services:

  • Prepare drawings and notes that explain the general construction of the building and how its design meets the Building Regulations
  • Submit an application for building regulations approval and communicate with the inspectors
  • Help you to select internal fit outs and finishes
  • Produce schedules for all finishes and internal fittings
  • Prepare electrical and lighting design drawings
  • Produce a specification for the construction of the building
  • Prepare construction drawings and large scale details to a level that will enable a builder to construct your project
  • Advise you on the types of building contract and ways to engage a building contractor
  • Help you to source suitable main contractors to quote for the construction of your project
  • Administer a competitive tender process with a number of contractors or facilitate negotiations on build cost with your preferred contractor
  • Prepare contract documents for your project and arrange for contracts to be signed


5 - Construction


Stage 5 involves the construction of the building after the appointment of the Main Contractor. This could involve providing some or all of the following services:

  • Perform the role of contract administrator
  • Advise you on your contractual obligations
  • Co-ordinate the work of the other consultants, such as Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and other specialist designers
  • Visit the site and inspect the construction works
  • Provide the building contractor with information and technical advice as necessary
  • Arrange and lead regular site meetings with you and the project team
  • Ensure the contractor carries out the construction as specified and in accordance with health and safety legislation
  • Certify payment for works carried out
  • Provide advice on final costs
6 & 7 - Completion

Atlantic View Bespoke Beach Cottages Widemouth Bay designed by Cornwall Architects The Bazeley Partnership

Stages 6 & 7 involve the remaining elements of the project required to take it through to completion and your occupancy of the building. These stages could involve providing some or all of the following services:

Stage 6 – Handover and Completion

  • Make final inspections
  • Identify and advise on the resolution of defects
  • Issue a final certificate

Stage 7 – In Use

  • Provide you with ongoing support and advice on your completed project
  • Carry out ‘in use’ analysis of the building’s performance
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