Proposed Camelford Housing Development

Camelford Housing Development designed by Cornwall Architects The Bazeley Partnership

Up to 39 Dwellings Proposed for Camelford Housing Development 

Architects at The Bazeley Partnership have submitted a proposal for a new housing development in Camelford, Cornwall. Working closely with development consultants Bell Cornwell and masterplanners Lavinge Lonsdale, our architects have designed and submitted a scheme for up to 39 dwellings. This is a great opportunity to provide an exemplar housing scheme that enhances local identity and character.

The site is located on the north eastern edge of Camelford, in Tregoodwell, adjoining the built form of the town, and adjacent to the main A39. The site is well contained by existing field boundaries of dense hedgebanks and mature trees which will be retained. Tregoodwell itself is a satellite hamlet on the edge of Camelford, approximately 500m from the centre of the town. The scheme is designed to closely integrate with the existing settlement and creates a new village green within the heart of Tregoodwell for the benefit of the whole community.

The architecture of the development will generally follow a traditional style drawing on the historic context of Camelford as a whole, with locally appropriate choices of materials and architectural details. The architectural design will seek to introduce a sufficient level of variety into the development to avoid a formulaic ‘kit’ type approach adopted by much of the recent local development.

Ecology and habitat conservation have been key considerations and driving influences for the scheme. The exiting hedgerows and trees are retained and reinforced with new planting, and the layout of the developeent includes ecological margins and corridors to preserve and enhance biodiversity. This approach creates a development that is not only ecologically conscious but is also a healthy and pleasant place to live with a string rural feel rather than an ‘estate’ style of development, incorporating many of the principles of ‘garden village’ development.

A series of meetings and discussions have been held with representatives of Camelford Town Council over a period of six months and following receipt of the pre-application enquiry advice from Cornwall Council in 2016. At each meeting the evolving proposals have been presented and discussed with members and advice and recommendations received have been firstly most welcome and secondly incorporated into the application proposals. A community engagement event was also held prior to submitting the application which enabled local residents to comment on and directly influence the design. In relation to community engagement and hearing the comments of local residents, architects at The Bazeley Partnership are keen to improve the visibility and height of the hedges surrounding the access to the site: a prevalent concern of local residents when trying to get onto the road from this particular area. A number of suggestions from this community engagement event have since been included in the design, with one resident commenting “it’s much better than what I had anticipated”.

The Bazeley Partnership are delighted to bring new sustainable technologies and much-needed housing to Camelford.

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